Journal # 8

I am in an interracial relationship myself, but since the assignment said to ask someone else, I asked my friend. She’s dating a guy from Japan. They started dating about a year ago. She said at first, she was blown away with how sweet he was. He would shower her with gifts and she wasn’t used to that. He also puts a lot of thought into planning dates. She said it’s so different than dating white guys who just want to “hang out”. 

One of the difficulties she talked about is that he doesn’t want to hold her hand or show her affection in public. He tells her it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her, it’s just part of their culture. Japanese people think it’s rude to others to be affectionate in public. Maybe they don’t want to see it, or maybe it will make them feel lonely. She also said he doesn’t say “i love you” very often. He tries to tell her that the more you say it, the meaning gets diluted. It’s hard for her to understand. This relates to class because we often talk about how things that may seem normal for us are not normal for others. It’s only once you learn about other cultures that you discover how many different ways there are to see the world.

Learning about co-culture groups was really interesting. Even here in Utah, we are all Utahns. But we have Mormon and non-Mormon groups. We also have ethnic groups within that. And even further, we have groups that are split into interest or hobbies. So someone could be a white Utahn, but they are non-Mormon and they are a gamer. These would be their co-cultures.

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